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Jack and the Beanstalk


Open auditions for our next production will be held on:

Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 7.30pm

If you missed the auditions then is it’s not too late to join us just contact Tim Oliver on 0118 9819134.

Production dates are 26/27 January 2018 and 2/3 February 2018.

Jack and the Beanstalk

A giant of a pantomime with a host of wonderful comedy characters. The villagers of Greendale are under the cosh. The Giant Blunderbore, with the help of his evil sidekick, Grotviler, is bleeding them dry, and the pompous but terrified Mayor is kowtowing to the Giant’s will, taxing the villagers for all he is worth. The good Fairy Haricot Vert arrives from France, to help Greendale’s downtrodden populous. Grotviler is not happy about the arrival of Harricot Vert. Dame Tilly Trot is suffering more than most. Her dairy isn’t doing very well and her sons, Jack and Simple Simon, don’t possess great business brains. The only way to pay the Dame’s back‐taxes and rent arrears is to sell her cow, Buttercup, so Jack is sent to the market to get a good price. When Jack returns with a handful of beans, Dame Trot throws them out of the window, only to find, next morning, that a giant beanstalk has grown in her garden.

And so the adventure begins…

New Members

We are always looking for new members to join on-stage or off-stage. As well as the Principle parts, there is always room for Senior and junior chorus members to dance/ sing (not solo – unless you really want to) or to help backstage with Props, Lighting, Sound, Set construction, Set painting, Costumes, Front of House etc.

Juniors are from 10 years old onwards, and we might even promote some juniors to the seniors depending on how many we get.

The auditions are for the Principle parts, but you are more than welcome to come along to the auditions even just to meet us and sign-up to get involved.


JACK Principal Boy. Traditionally played, usually played by a female. The young hero. Falls in love with Jill.

JILL Principal Girl. A sweet and attractive girl. Daughter of Lady Lotsadosh. Falls in love with Jack

DAME TILLY TROT A traditional panto Dame. A poor widow, trying to earn a living selling milk from her dairy. Has two sons, Jack and Simon.

SIMPLE SIMON Jack’s brother. A bit lazy and not very bright, but good fun and needs to have a good rapport with the AUDIENCE.

GROTVILER (female) The ‘Baddie’ – the Giant’s evil sidekick. Needs to be able to work the audience and encourage the boos and hisses.

FAIRY HARRICOT VERT The good fairy …. but not a typical ‘Fairy Godmother’. A French accent, if possible, and a touch of comedy.

GRABBIT & LEGGIT The ‘Comedy Duo’. Dim-witted tax collectors. Both are bungling idiots, but Leggit is the particularly dim one. Good comedy talent required.

LADY LOTSADOSH Very posh ‘Lady of the Manor’. Larger-than-life character Mother of Jill.

GIANT BLUNDERBORE The evil giant. Deep, booming voice. Probably better if one person is inside the costume and another is speaking the lines with a microphone, adding echo/effects (or record the lines).

BUTTERCUP The ‘skin’ role – it takes two. Not visible – but front end, especially, needs to be able to put across the various emotions. Both need to cope with the walking & movement.

MAYOR Very ‘matter of fact’. Self-important.

MAISIE Maid to Lady Lotsadosh

GEORGE (smaller role) A friend of Simple Simon

JENNY (smaller role) Villager

OTHER SMALL ROLES (played by chorus members):-


BILL & BEN (optional)




Everyone welcome, on stage or off, come and join us anytime.

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