Next Audition: Alchemy in Three Easy Lessons

Following on from the success of The Litter Picker last year, Silchester Players will produce another radio play this summer. Alchemy in Three Easy Lessons by John Quinn was the winning entry in the play writing category of the Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival 2021 and has been adapted for radio by the author.

We need a total of 11 performers. The character details are as follows, but please remember that it is the sound of voice which is all-important rather than your exact age.

Please note that the voices of those parts marked with a * will be subject to enhancement in post production.

Character Description
Unnamed Female 1 Female aged 13 maturing to early 20s
Unnamed Female 2 Female 1’s alter ego – voice a cross between Fenella Fielding and Joanna Lumley but with an undertone of something just a little bit scary.
Professor Almost a caricature professor – a boffin
God Brian Blessed crossed with your favourite uncle or Santa Claus *
PA Announcer Broad Yorkshire voice *
Doctor Sensible, authoritative and aloof.
Policeman Sensible, plodding.
Female Paramedic Concerned and intelligent
Car Driver In shock, worried, and frightened.
School Sports Day Announcer *
Play Announcer

Stephen Bibby will be director and producer with Graham Martin as Technical Director. Auditions will take place in Stephen’s garden (email Stephen to get the address) at 10.30 on Saturday 5 June, weather permitting. If the weather is bad we will defer the auditions until the following day, Sunday 6 June at 10.30. If both days are rained off we will notify you and rearrange the auditions for later in the month. If you do not know where Stephen lives or have any queries, please email him at

Rehearsals will take place from late June to the end of July, probably outdoors. As the play can be divided into scenes, the timing and format of rehearsals can be adjusted to suit the availability of cast members. Although you will have the script with you at all times as a prompt, you will still need close familiarity with your lines to keep the timing sharp and in order to understand and portray your character in depth. We intend to record the play out of doors within the first two weeks of August. Accordingly, if you would like a part, you will need to be available over this timescale. The play will be broadcast on HHCR, Basingstoke’s community radio, in mid-September and also held on our website.

We shall be grateful if you can let Stephen know by email if you wish to attend the auditions as he will need to ensure that suitable social distance seating arrangements are in place. Additionally you should be aware that we will be making two recordings on the day as follows:
1. The part of God – how the voice sounds after certain electronic enhancements will be the final determinant of casting.
2. Crowd scenes which are part of the play – this seems sensible as we hope to have a large number of people present.

 We are always looking for new members to join on-stage or off-stage. As well as the actors, there is always room for backstage helpers with props, lighting, sound, set construction, set painting, costumes, front of house, music, makeup and more!

Everyone welcome, on stage or off, come and join us anytime.

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