Auditions for our next show, Season's Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn, will be held on Thursday the 20th of June 2024 at 19.30 in the Silchester Village Hall Clubroom.

An Alan Ayckbourn play about a gathering over Christmas at Neville & Belinda's in which the adults act up worse than the (off-stage) children do. All parts are of a decent size.

Audition scripts are attached below.


Character List

5 Men, 4 Women

  • Belinda (F, 30-40)
    • Main part. Jaded housewife. Married to Neville but perceives she is missing excitement in her life
  • Neville (M, 30-45)
    • Medium part. Husband of Belinda. Successful electronics retailer who loves to tinker with things, sometimes to the exclusions of everything else.
  • Harvey (M, 50-60)
    • Large part. Neville's uncle. Belligerent and bitter old man. Obsessed with guns and violence. Ex-security guard. Delights in winding up Bernard.
  • Phyllis (F, 45-55)
    • Medium part. Neville's sister. Alcoholic. Not all there. Just a complete mess and everyone knows it except her. Wife of Bernard.
  • Bernard (M, 45-60)
    • Large part. Phyllis's husband. Incompetent GP. Devoted to his wife to distraction. Inexpert puppeteer. Decent person, clearly near the end of his tether. Reasonable amount of physical acting needed.
  • Rachel (F, 40-50)
    • Medium part. Belinda's older sister. Secretary at a publishers. As complete a spinster wallflower as you could imagine. "Girlfriend" of Clive. Apt to burst into tears at any moment.
  • Eddie (M, 25-35)
    • Medium part. Neville's best friend. Follows Neville around. Failing in business. Frustrated. Neglectful of his family and worse. Only comfortable when helping Neville tinker.
  • Pattie (F, 25-35)
    • Medium part. Eddie's long-suffering wife. Heavily pregnant. Very sweet and desperate for her marriage to work. Has steel in her and tries to stand up for herself. Friendly with Belinda
  • Clive (M, 30-40)
    • Medium part. Invited guest. "Boyfriend" of Rachel. New author. Nice guy but not confident. Tries to not be a bother but fails, especially with Belinda!