Unless stated otherwise, all characters will be cast gender blind.

Daphne Stillington - 20s An excitable and naive aspiring actor. Besotted with Garry. Sweet and charming in her own way. Could be compared to a puppy.

Miss Erikson - 40+ - female Garry’s eccentric, Scandinavian housekeeper. Mystical, spiritual, and has a tranquil madness about her.

Fred - 20+ - male Garry’s valet. Jovial with an uncomplicated view of life. Working class.

Monica Reed - 40+ Garry’s secretary. More than that, she’s one of his longest friends. She’s sharp and quick-witted. Never drawn into Garry’s drama nor does she hold back when he’s being an ass.

Garry Essendine - 40+ A large part, but a very fun character to play. Charismatic matinee star, talented and keenly aware of it. He’s prone to dramatic speeches. He believes himself to be the one who suffers the most, yet is the cause of all his problems.

Liz Essendine - 30+ Former actress and Garry’s ex-wife. She’s charming, attractive, and well-dressed, but not elaborately. She owns every room she walks into. She has a no-nonsense attitude towards Garry melodrama.

Roland Maul - late 20s+ An aspiring playwright and obsessive fan of Garry’s. Frankly, he’s mad.

Morris Dixon - 30+ A director and producer. He’s smart but also shows himself to be a complete fool.

Henry Lyppiatt - 30+ Businessman and long-time friend of Garry. A core member of the group.

Joanna Lyppiatt - 30+ Henry’s wife and newest member of the little group. A gorgeous viper of a woman. She uses her looks and charm to get what she wants.

Lady Saltburn - 40+ - female A wealthy dowager and majestic society woman.