Dick Whittington – Radio Play

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Due to the online music license for some of the songs, we are no longer able to host the show on our website.

Whilst published on our website, over 300 people listened to the show.

The Making of Dick Whittington Under Lockdown:


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Dick Whittington – Joe Williams
Tom the Cat – Caroline Martin
Dame Dotty Whittington – Peter Chiverton
Fairy Bowbells – Sarah Oliver
James Fitzwarren – Clive Solomons
Alice Fitzwarren – Sadie Reeves
King Rat – Alan Birdsworth
Cook – Jill Gillett
Sultan of Morocco – Brian Gillett
Abdul the Guard – Mary Robertson
Announcer – Amy Keighley

Amanda Albrecht
Peter Chiverton
Jessica Craker-Knott
Joanna Duchannes
Jill Gillett
Keith Graham
Charley Henkey
Mandy Larby
Charlotte Oliver
Sarah Oliver
Clive Solomons
Rachel Solomons

Producer and Director – Stephen Bibby
Editor – Matthew Larby
Editing Assistant – Mark Larby
Musical Directors – Tony Oliver and Sarah Oliver
Casting Assistants – Tim Oliver and Keith Graham
Assistant Director – Keith Graham
Sound Effects – Pete Reynolds
Publicity Poster Design – Kevin Belcher
Radio Promotional Recording – Graham Martin, Keith Graham and Caroline Martin