Dick Whittington – Radio Play

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The Making of Dick Whittington Under Lockdown:


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Dick Whittington – Joe Williams
Tom the Cat – Caroline Martin
Dame Dotty Whittington – Peter Chiverton
Fairy Bowbells – Sarah Oliver
James Fitzwarren – Clive Solomons
Alice Fitzwarren – Sadie Reeves
King Rat – Alan Birdsworth
Cook – Jill Gillett
Sultan of Morocco – Brian Gillett
Abdul the Guard – Mary Robertson
Announcer – Amy Keighley

Amanda Albrecht
Peter Chiverton
Jessica Craker-Knott
Joanna Duchannes
Jill Gillett
Keith Graham
Charley Henkey
Mandy Larby
Charlotte Oliver
Sarah Oliver
Clive Solomons
Rachel Solomons

Producer and Director – Stephen Bibby
Editor – Matthew Larby
Editing Assistant – Mark Larby
Musical Directors – Tony Oliver and Sarah Oliver
Casting Assistants – Tim Oliver and Keith Graham
Assistant Director – Keith Graham
Sound Effects – Pete Reynolds
Publicity Poster Design – Kevin Belcher
Radio Promotional Recording – Graham Martin, Keith Graham and Caroline Martin